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1-3 days
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In view of the value and the topicality of the domain names and portals offered, this web project can represent a particularly interesting speculation and investment opportunity.

Innovative web project that combines the principle of the e-shop, which is traditionally combined with the sale of products, to the sale of services; web services that are combinable on a single sale action.
This project was conceived in April 2021 and has developed in parallel with its web service showcase. This unique web idea, of simplifying the various web components commonly used in communication and marketing and making them immediately understandable even for less competent people, unites dozens of Internet solutions.
We are evaluating the possibility of selling this project as a whole, including all the services contained therein and available for sale, to the highest bidder.
Negotiation basis 50% of the value of the current services with the possibility of continuing our hosting and technical support to the new owner.

Adjustments to the portal view are of course possible.
It's not a company sale and the current owner company is not included in the negotiation.
The negotiations are subject to confidentiality.

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